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We sell a lot of Socially Responsible gifts (along with gifts that are eco-friendly , green , natural, organic and healthy of course!).  One a lot of people have asked  about is Ember jewelry.  A lot of people have asked where exactly the money goes, and want more detail about the cause so we thought that we would feature it in our blog..

The answer is that Ember is a wonderful, wonderful cause.  Funds from  your purchase go to women in poverty.  The women Ember partner with live in Uganda, East Africa and for over 20 years their homes and villages were the battlefield of a disastrous civil war. Children were abducted, women were beaten, hundreds of thousands died, and everyone lost someone they loved.  The folks at Ember have been helping them to build their lives up again.  So when you buy and wear this jewelry you are not only wearing something that is eco-friendly and recycled, but something that helped someone else feel worth again, and that is something you can definitely feel good about!

Please watch this amazing video  and read more details from Ember:

Our partners fled their homes to save their families and found their only refuge in a hillside slum, where hard labor in a stone quarry could earn them $1 per day.After too many years without the resources to pursue their goals and dreams, they lost the hope that tomorrow could be better than today. Their flames were gone.

But there is an unquenchable ember in the human spirit, a burning little seed of all the hope and exuberance of humanity that is always ready to burst back to life. All it needs is the chance. For our partners in Uganda that chance came in the form of a connection to the American market. We saw their beautiful recycled paper jewelry, helped them tailor it so that American customers would love it, and started a fair trade partnership.

And we began training them how to manage and save their money, and how to take on new entrepreneurial opportunities. We helped them open bank accounts and found their own business. And we committed to them that we would put their needs first in our partnership.

These women soon realized that with their great new income came newfound stability and opportunity. Soon their old goals and dreams started to spring back to life and they began send their kids to school, buying good food, and providing health care for their families. And new goals that they had never imagined began to surface – children going to university, land being purchased, and family homes being built.

It’s our mission to support them in achieving their dreams.

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